Much has been said and written about the brand Bengaluru in the past few days about the Tech capital’s flailing brand image. And while Many naysayers have been crying the Game of Throne-esque “coming of winter”, for now May is coming. Theresa May, the new guest in Namma Bengaluru.

Brand Bengaluru is deemed to benefit from the coming of Theresa May. The British PM has chosen to visit the city to expand international ties, as the country prepares to exit the European Union. Now whether we are on team exit or team stay, one fact which is here to stay that this means better consolidation of economic ties.

This is the first time that May is venturing beyond the geographic boundaries of EU and this one, in India’s IT capital is sure to spark some real investor confidence.

Priyank Kharge has stated that “Contrary to the opinion of a few skeptics, the state has been attracting more investments and rated very high in terms of investment potential. So the May seems to be here to stay