Bengaluru-police (1).pngPeople skills is not a quality associated most readily with the police. But the manner in which the Bengaluru police has handled the bandh crisis yesterday with the help of its twitter handle, has re-instilled people’s faith in the state machinery.

The police helped guide, inform and help several Bengalurians during yesterday’s bandh over the Cuavery dispute. 62,700 new followers joined on to the official twitter handle just in the past couple days’ time. Now with 2.98 lakh followers, @BlrCityPolice commands a per-tweet viewership of 8.62 million

Whether it was those who were confined to their homes due to the Cauvery unrest or the ones battered by rumours, the @BlrCityPolice Twitter handle became the most reliable source of information. Bengaluru police must be commended for its round-the-clock vigil, clearing out confusion and reassuring the citizens of the city’s safety.