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September 2016

India’s sprint boosted by Karnataka’s Startup

karnataka-continues-to-push-start-ups-2India has jumped 16 ranks to settle at the 39th spot on the global competitiveness index prepared by the World Economic Forum, which lists 138 countries. This sprint was not possible without Karnataka’s start-ups being funded and supported by the Karnataka government as a matter of policy. Karnataka funds around 100 startups every year under the Idea2POC Startup Policy.

Lately, the Karnataka Startup Cell has funded Rs 2 crore in eight startups to mark the world tourism day. AAO Hostel, Highway Delite, Highir Technologies, Digitour Technologies, Aseuro Technology, Trip Diary, Moving up Products and Trip on Food. These startups were selected after inviting proposals from early stage startups for innovative solutions and products.

Priyank Kharge, minister of IT & BT, Tourism, Government of Karnataka, said, “This is a first of its kind initiative in the country and it is a great opportunity for startups in tourism sector to showcase their technology solutions and pitch to the government and a panel of industry experts directly on the occasion of World Tourism Day.”


Bengaluru police strikes a connect

Bengaluru-police (1).pngPeople skills is not a quality associated most readily with the police. But the manner in which the Bengaluru police has handled the bandh crisis yesterday with the help of its twitter handle, has re-instilled people’s faith in the state machinery.

The police helped guide, inform and help several Bengalurians during yesterday’s bandh over the Cuavery dispute. 62,700 new followers joined on to the official twitter handle just in the past couple days’ time. Now with 2.98 lakh followers, @BlrCityPolice commands a per-tweet viewership of 8.62 million

Whether it was those who were confined to their homes due to the Cauvery unrest or the ones battered by rumours, the @BlrCityPolice Twitter handle became the most reliable source of information. Bengaluru police must be commended for its round-the-clock vigil, clearing out confusion and reassuring the citizens of the city’s safety.

The butterfly effect


We must all remember the days we would fold butterflies inside the pages of a book, only to open the pages later, and to our joy find a butterfly as a token of fine memories. But in this day and age, when the butterfly is near extinction, we would rather have the noble fly flutter around us.

Nature lovers are fluttering with with joy at Karnataka’s initiative. At a time when the butterfly is on the brink of extinction in all the big cities, Karnataka has taken a brand new initiative to save the butterfly. The Karnataka State Wildlife Board has proposal to declare the Southern Bird Wing the state’s butterfly.

Karnataka looks forward to seeing more of these colorful creatures flutter around, so that the butterfly doesn’t just become a flight of fancy.

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