Recently, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that Krishi Bhagya is the best among the several ‘bhagya schemes’ launched by the government. We wanted to find out why.

Krishi Bhagya enables sustainable and smart rain fed farming, preventing crop loss to farmers. As part of Krishi Bhagya, the government has made farm ponds with polythene lining (to prevent percolation), installed pumps and sprinkler irrigation system (for efficient water utilization). This intervention helps farmers to harvest surplus rain water and irrigate crops with stored water efficiently.

  1. The scheme has benefited around 1 lakh farmers already and it aims to spread out to around 40 lakh farmers in the state
  2. The scheme has the powerful tagline of “Swavalambi, Swabhimani and Samavesha” implying self-respect, self-dependence and well-organized
  3. The scheme uses the unique method of water management of storing rain-water using plastic sheets and then pumping it to farms using drip irrigation
  4. One pond built as part of the scheme has the capacity to cater to 3-8 acres
  5. The “Bhoochethana” is a unique effort of the scheme which helps spread awareness about soil health

As it turns out, if farmers take proper advantage of this program they can save their crops or enhance yield by about 30%. Unlike most schemes which focus on increased productivity or high yield crops, the focus of Krishi Bhagya is, to promote sustainable agriculture. This is certainly the next chapter of green revolution in the country!