scopion 1

People have been known to worship snakes on Naga Panchami, but some truly fearless devotees have upped the ante. They worship the scorpion. The only apt description for this behavior is being stung with devotion! The villagers of Yadgir district in Karnataka worship the scorpion god on Naga Panchami. And while doing so, let scorpions crawl on their bodies.

People trek in the afternoon along the ‘Chellina Betta’ or the hill of scorpions to reach the scorpion temple where they offer prayers to the Goddess. After the offerings of milk to the idols of snake and scorpion god, it is common to catch the young and old in close contact with the scorpions. Live scorpions are collected by the villagers and offered to the Goddess by pouring them over the idol. Some fearless act of devotion that is!