The product is sold by the Center, but it is essentially made in Karnataka. The Congress-ruled Karnataka has decided to spend Rs. 782 crore on a project to build farm ponds, but with an additional feature. Every pond in Karnataka will have a sprinkler system attached to it. The Prime Minister has been inspired by Karnataka in the past for the neem coated urea and e- mandi initiatives. This one is another example of how Karnataka is always one step ahead.

It has been only three months since Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of a plan to build 5 lakh farm ponds in the country, but Karnataka is set to complete the construction of one lakh such ponds. Karnataka’s agriculture minister Krishna Byre Gowda said, “We will shortly have one-fifth of the ponds the PM is talking about for the entire country”.

The aim of the scheme is to have the government and the citizens join hands to build better infrastructure. While the government invests about Rs 1.5 lakh per acre, farmers invest around Rs 30,000 for the project. Even though other states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat are also constructing farm ponds at a rapid rate, but the Karnataka model has the drip or sprinkler irrigation system is the most important addition to it.

Once again, Karnataka has proved that when it comes to innovation and implementation, it leads the country.