Rain, that nectar straight from the heavens. It is predicted that rains will hit Karnataka in a few days, and Namma Karnataka is rejoicing in anticipation. According to the Meteorological Department, monsoon has already reached most parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and some parts of Karnataka. The southwest monsoon will soon cover the rest of the southern states and then advance north where the temperatures had hit a record high this summer.

So, Karnataka can expect full blown rains in a few days. India is expected to receive normal to above-normal showers this year. It is being reported that there is a 30% chance that the monsoon this year will be in excess, while there is a 34% probability of an above-average monsoon.

To bring more relief to the common man, RBI governor has stated that monsoon is expected to offset the upward inflationary pressure. So we can expect relief from the heat of prices and weather, at the same time. Good times await Namma Karnataka!