Nothing could be more ironic than the silicon valley of India, not figuring in the list of smart cities in the centre’s “Smart Cities Mission”. Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu has made a unique offer, instead of the smart city, he is willing to have Bengaluru as a “great city”. What huge consolation!

Siddaramaiah has given a befitting rebuttal to this proposition, saying that he will make Bengaluru a Smart City come what may. This is only a reflection of the denial of the smart city title to a city which deserves it the most! As per the Capgemini report, Bengaluru features in the list of top five destinations for innovation centers in the world. Bengaluru is behind Silicon Valley, London, Paris, and Singapore, on this list.

The state government has now come up with a unique initiative to advocate the much deserved title to Bengaluru, despite BJP’s efforts to duck the issue. Bengalureans can now use a new mobile-based application to chip in their suggestions to be part of the government proposal to bag the ‘Smart City’ tag. Prominent proposals will be sent to the Centre with the hope that good sense prevails this time round.