b037fbf4-8eb4-41e9-9de8-79bb52318fcdThithi could become the first kannada movie to get an official entry to Oscars. The Kannada film Thithi, made by young Bengaluru filmmakers Raam Reddy and Ere Gowda, will have an Oscar-qualifying theatrical release in the US, to be considered for the Oscars.

Many have attempted to showcase the authentic village life, but have ended up either stereotyping or overdoing it. Siddalingaiah’s attempt to showcase the village life is probably one of the most authentic and believable. It seem like the village has literally come to life, on the screen. Thithi has a bit of a documentary effect, in its portrayal of the real life of the old-life Mysuru with great character detailing and intensity.

The story of the film revolves around the death of 'Century' Gowda, a man who has lived a hundred years and the eleven days leading up to his death. What makes the film stand out, is that there are no professional actors in the cast, except for two.